Васильева :: 2018-02-12
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Ian Marshall :: 2015-11-08
Hi, I was happily using your app - in fact I was extremely happy with it, by the way - on my previous telephone, but I broke that one a few weeks ago when I had an accident on my bike. Yesterday I bought a new phone, and this one has android 5.1 on it. Hedge dictionary does not work in the same way on my new phone, and the main problem I have is that I cannot download any new dictionaries. I have the feeling that this is a problem with android 5.1 rather than with the app, but as there are so many similar complaints on this site, I do hope you'll look into this.
Sarahg :: 2015-06-25
Hi, I can't seem to get to the settings or dictionary install screen at all. I'm using lollipop 5.0. All I see is the word search field with no other buttons. Tapping back just closes the app.
Gianni Scudi :: 2014-10-09
The app is really great. Many many thanks. I noticed a problem in 4.5 version while opening the Dictionary of Idioms En-En. The Hedge 4.5 does not display the entire text (I compared the text with my McGraw Hill, where the Dictionary of Idioms En-En is derived from). I also checked that the EN-EN-IdiomsDictionary.db file does contain the complete text. I would be very grateful to you if you could fix it. Thank you. GS
Alexandr :: 2014-09-27
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