Download sounds

For using sounds in HedgeDict you need to download file ans copy it to snd folder in your HedgeDict system folder (by default is root of your SD-card)
Also you can use your own sonds files. For add own files simple copy them to the snd/{language}/ in your HedgeDict system folder. You need to use *.ogg file format for sounds.

Deutsch (German) Deutsch (German) - 115MB
English (English) English (English) - 182.4MB
français (French) français (French) - 59.3MB

Download databases

These databases you can use on your Android device. For install download base on your device and paste it to the HedgeDict system directory (by defalut is located in root of your SD-card).

From To
Arabic-English dictionary Arabic-English dictionary - 25.7MB

Belarusian-Russian dictionary Belarusian-Russian dictionary - 3.5MB

Bulgarian-English dictionary Bulgarian-English dictionary - 13.4MB

Chinese-English dictionary Chinese-English dictionary - 41.2MB

Chinese-Russian dictionary Chinese-Russian dictionary - 131.2MB

Croatian-English dictionary Croatian-English dictionary - 31MB

Czech-Russian dictionary Czech-Russian dictionary - 23.1MB

Großwörterbuch Deutsch Großwörterbuch Deutsch - 47.8MB

Oxford Duden Concise (De-En) Oxford Duden Concise (De-En) - 12.7MB

Germany-Polish dictionary Germany-Polish dictionary - 4.3MB

German-Russian dictionary German-Russian dictionary - 117.5MB

Greek-Russian dictionary Greek-Russian dictionary - 23MB

Oxford Duden Concise (En-De) Oxford Duden Concise (En-De) - 12.6MB

Duden-Oxford – Grosswoerterbuch Englisch: Englisch-Deutsch Duden-Oxford – Grosswoerterbuch Englisch: Englisch-Deutsch - 18.2MB

Concise Oxford English Dictionary Concise Oxford English Dictionary - 29.7MB

Dictionary of Idioms En-En Dictionary of Idioms En-En - 27.1MB

Advanced Learner Advanced Learner's Dictionary (En-En) - 120.1MB

Dictionary of Idioms (En-En) Dictionary of Idioms (En-En) - 39.1MB

English-French dictionary English-French dictionary - 13MB

Van Dale Handwoordenboek Engels-Nederlands (En-Nl) Van Dale Handwoordenboek Engels-Nederlands (En-Nl) - 22.6MB

English-Polish dictionary English-Polish dictionary - 14.2MB

Economics English-Russian dictionary Economics English-Russian dictionary - 81MB

Engineering English-Russian dictionary Engineering English-Russian dictionary - 158.8MB

Law English-Russian dictionary Law English-Russian dictionary - 54.7MB

Medical English-Russian dictionary Medical English-Russian dictionary - 56.2MB

Science English-Russian dictionary Science English-Russian dictionary - 94.2MB

Universal English-Russian dictionary Universal English-Russian dictionary - 48MB

English-Russian dictionary English-Russian dictionary - 279.7MB

Business English-Ukrainian dictionary Business English-Ukrainian dictionary - 3.2MB

Universal English-Ukrainian dictionary Universal English-Ukrainian dictionary - 12MB

English-Ukrainian dictionary English-Ukrainian dictionary - 14.8MB

Spanish-Polish dictionary Spanish-Polish dictionary - 10.2MB

Economics Spanish-Russian dictionary Economics Spanish-Russian dictionary - 4.7MB

Latin American Spanish-Russian dictionary Latin American Spanish-Russian dictionary - 7.8MB

Law Spanish-Russian dictionary Law Spanish-Russian dictionary - 5.4MB

Modern Spanish-Russian dictionary Modern Spanish-Russian dictionary - 10.1MB

Universal Spanish-Russian dictionary Universal Spanish-Russian dictionary - 19.2MB

Spanish-Russian dictionary Spanish-Russian dictionary - 45MB

English-Arabic dictionary English-Arabic dictionary - 44.6MB

English-Bulgarian dictionary English-Bulgarian dictionary - 16.5MB

English-Chinese dictionary English-Chinese dictionary - 19MB

English-Crotian dictionary English-Crotian dictionary - 26.8MB

English-Greek dictionary English-Greek dictionary - 28.5MB

English-Hebrew dictionary English-Hebrew dictionary - 29.8MB

English-Hungarian dictionary English-Hungarian dictionary - 13.2MB

English-Italian dictionary English-Italian dictionary - 24.8MB

English-Japanese dictionary English-Japanese dictionary - 23.1MB

English-Korean dictionary English-Korean dictionary - 24.3MB

English-Latvian dictionary English-Latvian dictionary - 9.1MB

English-Persian dictionary English-Persian dictionary - 46.4MB

English-Romanian dictionary English-Romanian dictionary - 20.2MB

English-Serbian dictionary English-Serbian dictionary - 4.8MB

English-Spanish dictionary English-Spanish dictionary - 27.6MB

English-Thai dictionary English-Thai dictionary - 16.5MB

English-Turkish dictionary English-Turkish dictionary - 39.8MB

English-Vietnamese dictionary English-Vietnamese dictionary - 28.6MB

French-English dictionary French-English dictionary - 16.6MB

French-Polish dictionary French-Polish dictionary - 3.7MB

French-Russian Dictionary French-Russian Dictionary - 96.3MB

Greek-English dictionary Greek-English dictionary - 8MB

Hebrew-English dictionary Hebrew-English dictionary - 14.1MB

Hungarian-English dictionary Hungarian-English dictionary - 23.5MB

Italian-Russian dictionary Italian-Russian dictionary - 45MB

Italian-English dictionary Italian-English dictionary - 11.5MB

Japanese-English dictionary Japanese-English dictionary - 52.8MB

Korean-English dictionary Korean-English dictionary - 57.4MB

Latvian-English dictionary Latvian-English dictionary - 9.7MB

Van Dale Handwoordenboek Nederlands-Engels (Nl-En) Van Dale Handwoordenboek Nederlands-Engels (Nl-En) - 28MB

Dutch-Russain dictionary Dutch-Russain dictionary - 16.4MB

Polish-Germany dictionary Polish-Germany dictionary - 4.1MB

Polish-English dictionary Polish-English dictionary - 16MB

Polish-Spanish dictionary Polish-Spanish dictionary - 18.8MB

Polish-French dictionary Polish-French dictionary - 3.8MB

Polish-Russian dictionary Polish-Russian dictionary - 7.4MB

Persian-English dictionary Persian-English dictionary - 16.9MB

Russian-Germany dictionary Russian-Germany dictionary - 49.6MB

Russian-Greek dictionary Russian-Greek dictionary - 11.3MB

Economics Russian-English dictionary Economics Russian-English dictionary - 25.7MB

Engineering Russian-English dictionary Engineering Russian-English dictionary - 54.4MB

Law Russian-English dictionary Law Russian-English dictionary - 23.7MB

Medical Russian-English dictionary Medical Russian-English dictionary - 30.8MB

Science Russian-English dictionary Science Russian-English dictionary - 60.4MB

Universal Russian-English dictionary Universal Russian-English dictionary - 21.7MB

All in one Russian-English dictionary All in one Russian-English dictionary - 100.8MB

Economics Russian-Spanish dictionary Economics Russian-Spanish dictionary - 2.1MB

Law Russian-Spanish dictionary Law Russian-Spanish dictionary - 1.9MB

Universal Russian-Spanish dictionary Universal Russian-Spanish dictionary - 18.4MB

Russian-Spanish dictionary Russian-Spanish dictionary - 21.7MB

Russian-French Dictionary Russian-French Dictionary - 39.4MB

Russian-Italian dictionary Russian-Italian dictionary - 43.6MB

Russian-Dutch dictionary Russian-Dutch dictionary - 22.2MB

Russian-Polish dictionary Russian-Polish dictionary - 1.9MB

Russian-Ukrainian dictionary Russian-Ukrainian dictionary - 27.4MB

Romanian-English dictionary Romanian-English dictionary - 10.3MB

Russian-Belarusian dictionary Russian-Belarusian dictionary - 10.7MB

Russian-Chinese dictionary Russian-Chinese dictionary - 24.1MB

Russian-Czech dictionary Russian-Czech dictionary - 24.1MB

Russian-Russian Glossary Russian-Russian Glossary - 21.7MB

Serbian-English dictionary Serbian-English dictionary - 4MB

Spanish-English dictionary Spanish-English dictionary - 55.2MB

Tajik-Russian dictionary Tajik-Russian dictionary - 6.3MB

Thai-English dictionary Thai-English dictionary - 17.4MB

Turkish-English dictionary Turkish-English dictionary - 19.6MB

Business Ukrainian-English dictionary Business Ukrainian-English dictionary - 2.1MB

Universal Ukrainian-English dictionary Universal Ukrainian-English dictionary - 13.6MB

Ukrainian-English dictionary Ukrainian-English dictionary - 15.4MB

Ukrainian-Russian dictionary Ukrainian-Russian dictionary - 22.2MB

Ukrainian Explanatory Dictionary Ukrainian Explanatory Dictionary - 71MB

Ukrainian Phrases Dictionary Ukrainian Phrases Dictionary - 26.6MB

Vietnamese-English dictionary Vietnamese-English dictionary - 6.2MB