Why HedgeDict?
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Because it's:
  • free
  • fast
  • offline and online
  • comprehensive
Why HedgeDict?
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Detailed databases
  • many dictionaries are available
  • dictionaries contain at least 50000 words and phrases
  • database will be saved on SD-card
Why HedgeDict?
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Fast and useful
  • quick search while typing
  • translations are very detailed
  • phrase examples are available
  • word prediction function
Why HedgeDict?
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Interaction with
  • eReaders
  • documents
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What's new?


HedgeDict v.5.0.2 is released!

We worked hard at updates and now we are proud to represent the new HedgeDict 5.0!

New version combins all the best from previous versions and new, innovated ideas, which make HedgeDict better and more handy.

In the new HedgeDict you will find:
- completely changed design
- clear and handy menu
- fast and useful access to the dictionaries. Dictionary list is available by sliding of right screen edge
- possibility of searching in a few dictionaries at the same time. Similar dictionaries are available on the different pages and you can change them by sliding from the right to the left
- improved and faster word search. You could use symbol from the main alphabet instead of the symbol from the extended alphabet. For example, use 'a' instead of 'ä' or 'n' instead of 'ñ'
- 'Favorites' chapter, where you could save often used words
- fast and useful dictionary search in the dictionary list
- sorting by language in the 'History' chapter

If you enjoy updated dictionary, you can buy the activation key, which blocks ads and leaves more space for useful staffs.

Added new dictionary set!

New languages pairs was added:
Dictionary set for English
  • English-Arabic-English
  • English-Bolgarian-English
  • English-Chinese-English
  • English-Croatian-English
  • English-Greek-English
  • English-Hebrew-English
  • English-Hungurian-English
  • English-Italian-English
  • English-Japanese-English
  • English-Korean-English
  • English-Latvian-English
  • English-Persian-English
  • English-Romanian-English
  • English-Serbian-English
  • English-Spanish-English
  • English-Thai-English
  • English-Turkish-English
  • English-Vietnamese-English
Набір для російської мови
  • Russian-Belarusian-Russian
  • Russian-Chinese-Russian (updated)
  • Russian-Czech-Russian
  • Russian-Dutch-Russian
  • Russian-Greek-Russian
Full dictionaries list you can find in Downloads.